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January 1980
Pink Floyd began three weeks of rehearsals for The Wall live shows. The musicians' rehearsals took place at Leeds Studios in Hollywood, and rehearsals for the show itself were held at MGM Studios in Los Angeles.

21 January 1980
Pink Floyd and crew commenced three solid weeks of full production rehearsals for The Wall at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles.

7 February 1980
Pink Floyd played the first of seven consecutive nights at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The show comprised The Wall album in its entirety plus an additional instrumental titled The Last Few Bricks. The band were supplemented on stage by 'The Surrogate Band' made up of Andy Bown (bass guitar), Snowy White (guitar), Peter Wood (keyboards), John 'Willie' Wilson (drums), backing vocalists John Joyce, Joe Chemay, Jim Haas, Stan Farber, and MCs Cynthia Fox (for the first four shows), Ace Young (on 8 February) and Jim Ladd (on 10 and 11 February). The stage set comprised 450 foldable cardboard bricks which constructed a wall 33ft high and 260ft wide, plus animated projections, inflatables and a replica Stuka dive bomber. The first night's show suffered a temporary delay when a stage curtain caught fire during the first number.

16 February 1980
Pink Floyd started a week of rehearsals at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York.

24 February 1980
Pink Floyd's The Wall was staged on five consecutive nights at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The MC for all nights was 'Saturday Night Live' comedian/impressionist Gary Yudman.

9 June 1980
Run Like Hell (B-side: Don't Leave Me Now) was released as a single in the US. It reached No. 53 in the charts.

4 August 1980
Pink Floyd staged The Wall for six consecutive nights at London's Earls Court Exhibition Hall.